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The global spread of the COVID19-Virus put the world in a unprecedented situation at the beginning of 2020. Worldwide social distancing measures into place by governments to slow down the spread of the pandemic affected every industry, also financial institutions. The webinar series "How to respond as financial institution to the corona crisis" aimed to provide financial institutions in Latin America with a fast support on how to address critical topics resulting out of the emerging crisis. For this YAPU teamed up with inspiring development and Digital Bank LATAM to address topics like virtual work, digitization, crisis management and credit restructuring. The webinar series comprised six webinars in Spanish language which were executed between April 7 and April 28 in 2020.
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Key facts

A series of six webinars developed in two weeks with two partner institutions and offered for free to provide financial institutions in spanish-speaking countries a first guidance an how to cope with the emerging COVID19-crisis.
  • WEBINAR #1:
    Diagnóstico de la crisis global y el impacto económico en América Latina
  • WEBINAR #2:
    Aprovechando la Digitalización para enfrentar la crisis
  • WEBINAR #3:
    La Crisis Covid 19 - impactos y desafíos para la IMFs y bancos MIPYME
  • WEBINAR #4:
    Operaciones crediticias en tiempos de crisis
  • WEBINAR #5:
    Gestionar una cartera de préstamos durante la crisis COVID19
  • WEBINAR #6:
    El futuro de las ventas es digital

Services delivered by YAPU

  • concept for the webinar series
  • Partner engagement
  • Set-up of project website and registration handling
  • moderation of webinars #2, #3, #5 and #6
  • content of webinar #1 and #4
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