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Become part of the NbScale4Resilience initiative!

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During the first Climate Adaptation Summit in January 2021 Antonio Gueterrez urged the world to channel 50% of all climate financing towards climate resilience as agreed upon in the Paris agreement. Currently only 5% of climate financing go into adaptation. In line with this pledge, the UNFCCC Race to Resilience ...
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Indicators: crucial for comprehensive analysis

Indicators are an important ingredient of a financial analysis. They help to inform financial institutions in their risk analysis of a given loan about factors which influence crucial components like repayment capacity or whether the financing of a particular good actually makes sense for a given loan applicant. This becomes ...
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YAPU Digital: agricultural lending adjusted to your needs

The YAPU software is a powerful digital tool built on decades of experience in the (micro)financial sector. YAPU digital helps financial institutions of all sizes to replicate their data gathering processes digitally and have a truly holistic view on their risks, especially in agricultural lending. All summarized in a detailed ...
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Summary Climate Adaptation Summit 2021

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On January 25-26 the first (virtual) global Climate Adaptation Summit was hosted by the Netherlands. This high-level event dedicated to the role of Climate Adaptation in international climate politics also serves as a preparation of the #COP26 taking place in November in the United Kingdom and will from now on ...
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